Whatever your needs,

we’ll find the service


Catering service In-house cook working each and every day

Resident’s can have whatever they want for breakfast, be it toast, cereal or even a full English breakfast! The timing for breakfast is when the resident gets up - there is no fixed time. There are always two choices of meals at lunch time (starts from 12.30pm) and always two choices of meals for evening tea (starts from 5.30pm).

Hairdresser and Chiropodist service

We have a hairdresser that visits every Monday. Special requests can be made for alternate days and agreements made with our hairdresser. Our hairdresser has been with the Home for more than 7 years.

Our chiropodist has worked with Eton House for more than 5 years, and visits the Home every 6 weeks. The quality and price of their work is top notch, hence our commitment to them for so long!

Residents Meetings First week of every momth

Items are discussed and the opportunity is given to all the residents to voice their opinion. Discussions from previous meetings are discussed and any changes/actions taken on previous discussions are fed back to our residents. We feel that the residents meetings give the residents the chance to voice their opinion on different matters within the Home and it is an essential part of our commitment to provide care in a way that doesn’t restrict their independence or rights.

Medical services

The Home works very closely with the Datchet Health Centre as the local GP surgery. There are regular district nurse visits and GP visits, all of which can be requested on a same day basis.