Each and every one of the 26 bedrooms in Eton House has it’s own en-suite toilet and sink. We encourage relatives to bring furniture that is familiar to the individual. We encourage relatives and family to bring little ornaments, memories and photographs, all of which will create a homely environment for the resident moving in so that it becomes “their” bedroom, as much as possible.


There is plenty of signage up around the Home to help the residents find their way around. There is plenty of old fashioned furniture, posters and ornaments, all of which ensure that the feel of Eton House is very much that of a home. There are memory boxes placed outside the bedrooms for any residents that live with dementia. These are filled with items that have substantial meaning to them and help them to locate their room.

Sensory Room

There is a sensory room upstairs that is is transformed into a tranquil serenity where the residents can relax. A professional masseuse comes twice every week to provide legs and/or arm massages for any residents that want it.

Hydro Spa Bath

There are two baths at Eton House, one of which is a hydro spa bath. This bath is used as a form of hydrotherapy for the residents and is free to use for any of them.

Garden and Grounds

The garden at Eton House reflects the wellness, refreshing & therapeutic outdoor area, where our residents are free to enjoy the colourful flower beds and be mesmerised by the wonderful water fountain.

Lifts and Stairs

Eton House has a lift that travels between the three storeys of the building. There are also stairs that can be used to traverse up and down the floors.


Eton House has 24/7 Wi-Fi, just ask the office for the password!